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A Jan Stewer Poem??

Posted: Sat Feb 25, 2017 10:56 am
by pr7570
I have a number of Jan's [Coles] publications and have derived much enjoyment from the works of Jan Stewer. I am in my sixties and remember many of his stories read to me by my grandmother.

I do also remember one particular poem which I believe he also penned. This haunts me and thus I would love to know of its origin.

I do hope someone can help me.

A snippet(s) which I remember - in part:

Oh Dear

Oh dear, thick ther postmans' always late,
such gossiping ways he knows I hate,
Oh Dear

I'll make me-self a cup of tea,
Try ouse I tries and tries but what I get is always wet
Oh Dear

I'll get me-self off to bed
and how the sheets be getting thin
and how the moon keeps shinning in
Oh dear!