The parish of Luppitt in Devon

This website was originally setup to provide an overview of some of the information available in a book about the parish of Luppitt, Devon, England.

The book was the outcome of notes compiled by John Sage, a churchwarden in the Parish for over 60 years, which he drew together to cover events in the Parish's history from the time of the Domesday book to the present day.

The site now also contains up to date information related to Luppitt parish, including information provided by the Parish council and archived copies of the local parish magazine (the Luppitt Packet).

The majority of content on the site has been extracted by the Luppitt local history group from local historical records. Information includes Census records starting in the 1800's, Baptism records, Marriage records, Family trees, Burials register, Monumental inscriptions, etc. There are also photos of the parish and its people from the late 1800's to the present day. All this information can be found under the 'Luppitt Information' link. The site now also holds Mr. Sages 'Luppitt Notes', a copy of his archives gathered over the last 60 years.

If you are interested in the Devon Dialect, and the stories of Jan Stewer, you can listen to extracts from CDs recorded to raise money for Luppitt Church. There are 10 CDs available for purchase.

If you have compiled information relating to the history of Luppitt and its people, please feel free to contact us if you would like to share this information with the History group, or also allow us to make it available on this site. Scans of old documents, or photographs of Luppitt life are most welcome, especially if you can identify the location or who is in the photo. We are also interested in family trees, where these link into and extend the records we already have about Luppitt people.

All profits from the sale of the History book go to help local organisations in the parish of Luppitt. A generous donation from the National Lottery 'Awards for All' has also been received to offset printing costs, and increase the amount of money that can be made available for parish organisations. The book has been published by the Luppitt Local History Group, an organisation originally formed to enable the publication of the book with help from the National Lottery and the local people of Luppitt. The group also arrange the distribution of book profits to local organisations; and the largest donation so far has been a sum towards restoration of the Church organ which was badly in need of repair.

The left-hand menu provides links relating to extracts from the book, providing details of notable parish events, a list of people related to the history of Luppitt, pictures of Luppitt life and people over the last 120 years, and much more. Don't forget to read about the role of the men of Luppitt in the Monmouth Rebellion, and Luppitt's relationship to the Mary Rose! There are also links to all the other resources as well.

Book Extracts

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